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Applied Biotech is an innovation company that facilitates a bio-based economy in West Africa through dialogues, relevant training, and more. We are an internationally acclaimed life science company that facilitates and promotes the use of Science and Technology in improving lives across the globe, especially in West Africa, committing to their sustainable development and the rest of Africa.

Our work covers a broad spectrum of learning and development. All these are carried out through a selection of programs, including research and development support and sample analysis, biotech skills workshop, online training, consultancy, risk assessments, and more. Our company also provides products to help oversee the entire procedure.

We invest heavily in skills-based training, agriculture, biomedical research, diagnostics, environmental conservation, environmental remediation and waste management, high and low tech post-harvest preservation, and manufacturing across the region. With our vast partners, including MIT Ghana, Applied Biotech will soon start running the workforce and prepare diplomas and certificates in Plant Improvement Technologies, Biomedical Sciences, Public Health and Epidemiology, Solar and Renewable energy technologies, Post Harvest Storage, and Laboratory Management.

Applied Biotech also offers up-to-date training services on technology transfer and assessments to professionals across various industries. These include international conferences and workshops that are attended by technology enthusiasts and a broad network of clients around the globe. Training can take up to 14 days at length, and trainees will receive respective certificates and diplomas on the course taken.

Focusing on preventive technologies, as well as pragmatic eco-industrial solutions that have long-term results, we take the time to analyze and identify innovation worth beyond its applications.

With Applied Biotech, we serve industries with concern to:

  • Public Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Bioterrorism and Counter-Measures
  • Green Energy

We focus on results and orient ourselves on industry-based patterns to adapt to cycles and expected adaptive mechanisms to make the assimilation easier for our clients. Please contact us for inquiries.

Please stay tuned for upcoming international workshops and conferences. We welcome volunteers and partners of similar passion. Kindly contact us for inquiries.

What We Do Services We Offer

We offer a range of services that are geared towards improving scientific discovery and development.

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Biotech Skills Workshops

State-of-the-art training and workshops with our professionals and experts.

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R & D Support Services and Sample Analysis

Supporting Life Science research in universities, government research agencies, etc.

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Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment

Solving your problems with industry-tested results.

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Conferences & Online Training

Utilizing innovative blended learning strategies to enhance training.

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Curriculum design for tertiary education, synthetic biology, and bio-engineering.

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Science Lab Design & Online Training

Making biotechnology labs and life science research more accessible.

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Applied Biotech aims to facilitate and promote the use of Science and Technology in improving lives across the globe.

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